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We’re back on the air!

After about a week or so of down time to rebuild the music server and sign up with a new streaming host, we’re back!  We’ve increased our capacity to up to 50 listeners at one time with our new provider!!!  Over the last few months before the downtime, we were also testing what setting on our server would be the best balance of bandwidth and audio quality.  We settled on the following settings:

Format: MP3/Shoutcast
Bitrate: 64 Kbps
Sample Rate: 44. 1 Khz
Channels: 1 (Mono)

This is probably a lot of techno garble for most, but what it means in layman’s terms is that you will get a decent sounding stream without needing a large mount of Internet bandwidth.  Where this is most beneficial is when listening on mobile devices such as the iPhone or Android based smart phones.  Internet speeds vary as you travel from point-to-point, and 64 Kbps is about the highest you can use for an audio stream before you begin to get a large amount of dropouts, especially if you’re listening in the car.  In the future, we’re looking at upgrading from using MP3 streaming technology to AAC+, which is another format that sounds even better at 64kbps (close to CD quality!)

Check out the Listen page for more information on how to listen.  The easiest way to listen right now is to just point your web browser to, do a search for Rock401, click on our link, then start listening.


About rock401

Rock401 - The Rock Alternative. An Internet radio station featuring the best mix of Alternative, Modern Rock, and 80's.


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