How to Listen

Listen to Rock401 on Your Computer:

Links for Listening

Click on one of the links below to listen to Rock401. Depending on your web browser settings, your Media Player may instantly launch and start playing Rock401, or you may need to click on a small file that was downloaded to your computer (for example, listen.pls) which will then open your Media Player and launch Rock401.

Most Media Players (
iTunes (
Windows Media Player (
RealPlayer (

Supported Media Players

In February 2011, Rock401 updated our streaming software to utilize AAC+ encoding.  This results in a much higher quality sound at a lower bit rate.  Rock401 currently broadcasts in AAC+ at 32Kbps. Most modern media players are able to decode this more advanced technology.  Here are some players that support AAC+ streaming:

Apple iTunes (version 9.2 or higher) Windows/Mac
Winamp (version 5 or higher) Windows
Songbird Windows/Mac
Audacious Media Player Linux
VLC Media Player
Windows Media Player Windows *Requires the free AAC+ plugin available from Orban/Coding Technologies.  Get the free plug-in here.

Mobile Devices

More coming soon!


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